Mediation is helpful when relationships between individuals become 'stuck' in conflict and both parties want to use an informal and confidential process to resolve the issues. When left unattended, poorly resolved disputes can lead to confusion and misunderstanding, often resulting in communication and relationship breakdowns. It is at this point that an independent, third party with expert skills in dispute resolution can create a safe and supported space to get important work relationships back on track. (see more)


Conflict Mapping is a diagnostic approach that helps organizations better understand the reasons for unrest within and across work groups.It is often difficult to ascertain the underlying causes of dysfunction and strain in work relationships. This confusion can make finding an effective and efficient solution challenging. Conflict Mapping gives the necessary insights and understandings before assumptions about cause and effect are made and solutions applied. Having a more comprehensive perspective leads to better conflict management choices and more sustainable outcomes. (see more)




A Workplace Conference involves a formally structured conversation among a group who have been affected and harmed by conflict in the workplace. Workplace Conferencing uses a restorative process to address high levels of interpersonal conflict that have infected groups and whole teams. (see more)


Facilitation assists teams and groups in communicating and collaborating more efficiently and effectively. Groups can focus on the content of the issue while the facilitator manages a process that will ensure information, problem solving and decision making leads to agreed outcomes. The facilitator will also work with the group to build its internal capability so similar processes can be self-managed in the future. (see more)

TEAM coaching


Team coaching enables a team to function at more than the sum of its parts. Coaching assists the team achieve common goals, paying attention to to both individual performance and to group collaboration and capacity building.

Coaching engagements are customized to meet the specific planning, development, productivity and improvement objectives identified by the organization. (see more)