When a team effort is needed to bring about growth and change

Team coaching combines a performance and process focus. The outcome is about strengthening individual and collective effort toward team goals, organizational wellbeing and business productivity.


Useful to support the skills, mindset and behaviors needed for a team to be well functioning and high performing. Team coaching assists a work group evolve into a cohesive unit and group training provides the specific skill sets necessary to maintain it.

F E A T U R E S 

  • Team coaching is designed around a series of sustained conversations, supported by specific skills building in topics such as communication, conflict resolution, planning, social and emotional awareness, team dynamics, change management.

  • Team coaching is structured around the goals of the organization and is action orientated and results driven.

  • Team coaching sessions are tailored to use the internal relationships, inter and intra-personal dynamics and collective experience to build awareness about team effectiveness.

  • Team coaching has a direct link back to the real work challenges that often disrupt the performance of teams.

Anne Marie offers the following “Off the Shelf” workshops which can be adapted and customized to suit the specific training objectives of a team.

  • Managing Organizational Change and Transition

  • Becoming Conflict Ready and Conflict Resilient

  • Building a Resilient Workplace

  • Managing High Conflict People

  • Courageous Conversations Using Constructive Communication

 T E A M  M A N A G E M E N T  S Y S T E M S (TMS) 

Anne Marie is an accredited TMS facilitator and can administer the Team Management profile to assist organizations in gaining the knowledge required to improve work performance at an individual and team level. The Profiles are incorporated into team training and development and focus on: 

  • Team dynamics - How do team members get along? How can we improve day-to-day collaboration and efficiency? How well do we link with other teams?

  • Under-represented team roles - How might the team 'plug the gaps'? Do we have improve the skill set of a team member? Is it possible to outsource this type of work to another department?

  • Maintaining high performance - What do we need to do to ensure high performance is sustained in the long run? What strategies do we have for the future? (link to TMS flier)

B E S P O K E  T R A I N I N G

Training events and workshops can be designed based on the specific organizational objectives identified. A creative mix of information delivery, individual and group reflection and experiential learning ensures that the training is memorable, engaging and the knowledge is immediately transferable to the workplace.


"The team was barely functioning when we first met for coaching. Over the course of six months team members reset internal relationships and aligned their roles around a shared purpose. Meeting once a month was like holding a mirror up to the team, we could not avoid seeing the patterns and dynamics that were so unhelpful”.

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