'Walk the Floor’ provides 'onsite' support to employees as a way of building and maintaining organizational resilience. Accessible support is made available to employees who wish to have a confidential chat about work related or personal issues impacting their well-being. 
Debriefing services can also be provided on an as-needed basis, to support individual employees, teams or groups who have experienced a critical, operational incident or stressful event at work, or who are negatively impacted by the effects of organizational change. (see more)

'Organizational Reality Checks’ test the current health and well-being of your organization. Using a variety of diagnostic approaches and tools, information is collected and analyzed to see beyond the symptoms of an organizational malaise, better understand their causes and be informed and advised about potential remedies. Organizational Reality Checks can also be scheduled as part of the organizational review cycle to assist with forward planning. (see more)